America Sings: A History

Welcome to America Sings: A Tribute.
Some History about the Carousel Theatre,  home to ‘America Sings’

The Carousel Theatre was part of an ambitious Tomorrowland redo, that included the opening of The Carousel of Progress in June of 1967. The attraction was previously featured at the World’s Fair between 1964 and ’65. The new Carousel Theatre was slightly smaller, so the attraction was changed somewhat from it’s original
configuration.  Notably, at the conclusion of the show, audiences were invited up a moving ramp to the top level to see a model of Progress City, an early idea of what Walt Disney was planning for his EPCOT Community (Unfortunately, Walt Disney died in December of 1966 and never saw The Carousel of Progress open). The Carousel of Progress closed in 1973.

America Sings opens in the Carousel Theatre:

America Sings opened for the summer of 1974 and boasted the most audio animatronics figures in a single show.  It took showmanship to a new level in audio animatronic design. We’ll cover more about this attraction in the pages ahead.


America Sings, housed in the Carousel Theatre,  closed in 1988 and for the next ten years, remained closed. It was used as storage and as a meeting space for new incoming Cast Members. As part of Tomorrrowland ’98, the building was gutted in 1996 and construction began on Innoventions, modeled after it’s counterpart in Walt Disney World. Various exhibits inhabited the building until a massive redo on the lower level became the Innoventions Dream Home Exhibit, with the upper levels being a variety of technological displays opened the summer of 2008. The entire exhibit closed in early 2015 and became the Star Wars Launch Bay, where you can meet Chewie, Darth Vader (now Kylo Ren) along with displays of models and costumes from the film.  The upper level remains exhibits for Thor, Iron Man and Captain America.

A salute to Tomorrowland's musical heritage of the past